Configure price Quote

Configure - Embed logic

This program will assist your sales team in learning your product lines and give them opportunities to add features that they may not think to ask while speaking with retail customers. All quotes can be created, edited, e-mailed to customer, and ordered with ease. As a sales manager you will have the capability of tracking your sales team. Benefits internally within your organization will include huge time savings and efficiencies for your sales staff

  • Hosted or installed on your server
  • Bills of Materials if required
  • Product errors eliminated
  • Logic and rules captured
  • Graphic output of configured item
  • Configure Stages and Resources
  • Web Application - Powerful Easy to use
Golf cart configurator on a LED monitor

Price - Accurately

Our Web Portal extends the reach to your Sales team and/or customers, with a user interface that has flexibility and a centralized view of all quoting activity. Accurate pricing is achieved in conjunction with the Configurator with a choice of pricing options.

  • Hosted or installed on your server
  • Accurate pricing - Price Management
  • Stand-Alone - Price lists and discounts
  • Cross reference pricing for Warranties
  • Commodity price management
  • ERP API Integration - Real time pricing
CPQ Pricing solution on a Macbook pro

Quoting - Made easier

Creating Quotes becomes easier and quicker, all with correct pricing and stored in one centralized area. Your quotes are now accurate and contain products and pricing that could have previously, been delivered and then returned, saving time and money!

  • Hosted or installed on your server
  • Online access with user management
  • Centralized Quote and order visibility.
  • Professional Quotes are generated
  • Brochures, T&C's can be added
  • Pipeline visibility and Analytics
  • No need to depend on Excel
CPQ Quoting solution on a iPad